Autonumbering in Microsoft Word

For my technical publications clients, I use a true desktop Publisher (Framemaker) to produce standalone documentation or to single source to an Online Help standard output such as Microsoft HTML 1.x help; however, many of my clients, for their own internal documentation, use Microsoft Word. Because I am a writer, they naturally assume that I […]

Framemaker for Single Sourcing

[EXCERPT FROM THE AUTUMN 2009 ISSUE OF COMMUNICATOR MAGAZINE] Text Insets and Conditional Text For FrameMaker users seeking single sourcing on a shoestring, Tammy Van Boening of Spectrum Writing offers a solution based on these features. Text insets in FrameMaker offer a way to single-source content by sharing chunks of text across multiple files and books. Text insets […]

Resizing Visio Swim Lanes

Ah, “swimlanes!” Gotta’ love the term. Ever tried to resize a swim lane in a cross-functional flowchart in Visio and dealt with the frustrations of the swim lane “swimming” all around instead of resizing? Well, there is a way not only to resize swim lanes, but also, to keep all your swim lanes in the […]