Process defines what happens between the start and end points of a project. A solid process ensures you that the documentation that Spectrum Writing develops is effective, accurate, and meets your audience’s needs from the start through the end of a project. At Spectrum Writing, we adhere to the following process to create effective and accurate technical and training documentation:

  • Analysis: Defining the problem. We want to learn everything we can about you, your organization, and the assignment. We’ll review your website, company literature, and any additional materials that you think will help us. Our goal is to get a quick sense of exactly the kind of document you need, with a strong focus on your purpose, target audience, tone, and style.
  • Design: Identifying the communication medium and defining the content. Based on all the information we’ve gathered, we’ll be absolutely certain we know what you want from us and this will allow us to create a detailed outline of the writing project that includes baselines and milestones.
  • Development: Providing completed work at each agreed upon milestone, and alerting you immediately about any concerns or needs for the project. That way, there won’t be any surprises, and we can jointly resolve any issues.
  • Production: Producing, distributing, and maintaining the product. Documentation maintenance is a small, but very important, part of the total documentation effort. To avoid the problems caused by inadequate or out of date documentation, Spectrum Writing is always available for periodic updates, reviews, and revisions between product releases.

Saving You Money

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