“If you need documentation for a scientific instrument that your customers will not only use, but actually find useful, then Spectrum Writing is an obvious choice and you will not be disappointed. Tammy clearly has a gift for technical writing, and a knack for user experience. Not only did she deliver clear documentation on time, but she went the extra mile to deliver suggestions for improving user experience, much of which we were able to implement before release. I have no hesitation in recommending Spectrum Writing and will continue to go to Spectrum Writing for technical documentation needs.”
Kimberly Wicklund, Ph.D.
Director of Product Management
Essen BioScience, Inc.

“Tammy offers significant value when writing documentation by thinking about the product and processes from the user’s point of view and organizing information in a logical and intuitive fashion. She is familiar with complex technology (next generation sequencing) and has no trouble developing documentation that makes it easy for users to follow and understand this complex technology. I found Tammy’s work to be of the highest quality and her efficiency impressive, all the while being extremely personable and professional. It was a pleasure working with Tammy and I look forward to future projects with her.”
Lorn Davis
Manager, Data Strategy and Systems
SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Tammy.  She has been able to generate very thorough product documentation from a minimal overview of the product and access to use it.  She jumps right in and is able to get the user and install guides written very quickly.  Prior to Tammy consulting for our team, our documentation was lacking. It had always been a side project for someone to do, but was never quite what we wanted it to be.  What a difference having a professional writer has made. Our documentation now looks great and is very thorough.  I’d highly recommend Tammy to anyone who needs a technical writer.”
Michelle Mohammadi
AVP, QA and Support
Tricerat, Inc.

“When I hired Tammy to take over all of our product documentation, I thought I was getting just a good technical writer. I was wrong.  Not only did I get an exceptional technical writer, but also a business analyst, a UI/UX designer, and a QA engineer all bundled into one. Tammy’s professionalism, diverse skill set, timeliness, and attention to detail was exactly what our company needed to transform our documentation from average to something that our customers rave about.”
Edward J. Nowak
7 Point Solutions LLC.

“The toughest part of working with a technical writer has been their lack of scientific understanding. This was never an issue with Tammy. She was already familiar with the math and biology needed to write clear and meaningful documentation. Tammy also brought a professional focus to the content that needed to be included and as well as the information that should be excluded. Her work is precise and thoughtful. Her style is consistent and clean. Her attention to detail ensured clarity and completeness. She worked well with my staff. She stuck to our schedule. She communicated issues with options so they could be resolved quickly. I highly recommend her work for scientific technical writing projects and I will hire her again.”
Audrey Lester
Proteome Software, Inc.

“Spectrum Writing has been an extremely valuable resource to DNA Software in helping improve our message and the manner in which we engage our audience.  Tammy has a unique skill set in that she can dig in technically and challenge the stakeholders while bringing together a larger message.  I would recommend Tammy and Spectrum Writing to anyone who is interested in more effectively communicating with their customers and prospects.”
Joseph A. Johnson
Vice-President, Business Development
DNA Software, Inc.

“We contracted Spectrum Writing to help us update the guide to our software validation package for our regulated customers. Tammy’s scientific knowledge and her experience with preparing for FDA audits worked to our advantage. Her attention to detail made each procedure accurately describe the expected and actual behavior of the features in our software that required validation.  As an off-site contract resource, Tammy effectively used her communication tools to query subject-matter experts, to clarify styles and usages, and to keep us aware of her progress. She delivered drafts on time, and quickly returned edited copy after receiving review comments. Tammy is also a FrameMaker expert. She quickly came up to speed on our templates and corporate styles and was able to quickly integrate these requirements into the Validation Guide. I was very pleased with the final result.  She put together a complex, but easy-to-navigate finished product that our customers will find highly useful.”
Dirk Leatherman
Lead Technical Writer
Molecular Devices, LLC.

“For years I have been writing and updating the documentation of my scientific team’s software product ADMET Predictor. It was, however, the highly technical “developer’s version” of software documentation. A software developer knows his/her product intimately and has a natural tendency of not explaining things that “seem obvious.” Hence, I decided it was time to hire an external technical writer, precisely the one *not* familiar with our products, to write the ADMET Predictor Tutorial from the point of view of a new user. Tammy turned out to be a perfect match for this job. Her advanced degree in science is definitely a huge asset: she installed and learned our complex scientific program in just a couple of days! Communicating with Tammy was a breeze – there was no time wasted on explaining fundamental concepts. Next, she personally went through each and every one of the tutorial exercises which gave her the necessary hands-on experience to write a great, professional-looking tutorial. How many technical writers out there can actually do that without hand-holding at every step? Did I also mention that her attention to detail is legendary, she worked very fast, and kept her word on the amount of work time required? We could not be happier with the outcome. Without any hesitation, I recommend Tammy as the first choice for any technical writing project.”
Robert Fraczkiewicz, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist/Team Leader
Simulations Plus, Inc.

“After considering nearly a dozen technical writers, we chose Tammy to build our new technical training guides. We liked that she had experience as both a technical writer and courseware developer. Our one concern was her lack of experience in our particular technology domain. Tammy assured us that she was up to the challenge, and I’m pleased to report now that she was very right! Her natural curiosity and enthusiasm, technical acumen and strong analytical skills enabled her to quickly grasp and clearly articulate our very complex solution. Before we knew it, she was cranking out nearly-finished courseware materials. Tammy was flexible when our needs evolved during the project and worked tirelessly to meet our aggressive deadline. We’re very pleased with the final result.”
Daniel Heimlich
Vice President of Marketing
Netuitive, Inc.

“It is a pleasure working with Tammy. She has a strong scientific background, which made life much easier when documenting complex scientific processes as well as understanding how biology minded users think about approaching documentation. The quality of her work is outstanding and has helped immensely with technical support, educating users, and sales. I highly recommend Tammy and I look forward to working with her in the future.”
Hugh Arnold, Ph.D.
Senior Applications Scientist
Geospiza, Inc.

“I really appreciated Tammy’s expertise at taking very complex, detailed information and organizing it into a format that is easy to read and understand for all users. Her work is very thorough while still delivering results in a timely manner. I am really pleased with the final product as I am confident it will be a valuable support to our software, reducing time spent on technical support and also allowing users to fully experience the usability and functionality of our software.”
Megan Manion, Product Manager
SoftGenetics, LLC

“Throughout the documentation process, Tammy efficiently absorbed highly technical information and turned it into clear documentation. Her strong scientific skills allowed us to minimize the use of internal resources and end up with documentation that was, in fact, better than what we could have produced internally. She respected our schedules and was always prompt with deliverables. She worked closely with our staff to understand what our requirements were and was willing to work with the special distribution requirements we had. She was also willing and able to handle the design and content aspects for which we did not have specific requirements. That last point was critical to me. I needed someone who could make decisions (and good decisions!) without my or our input!!”
Jeremy Shaver, Chief of Technology Development
Eigenvector Research, Inc.

“Tammy: The Protein Forest User’s Manual is great. The functional descriptions, manual outline, content work flow, readability and usefulness meet or exceed expectations. This document is something to be proud of and will most certainly help customers and ultimately help sell product.”
Russell Garlick
Protein Forest, Inc.

“I was impressed with Tammy’s ability to understand a very complicated system in the field of proteomics and to write simple and clear procedures and explanations for such a system. Furthermore, through Tammy’s writing, we were able to identify difficulties and were able to simplify the system as a result.”
Oren Kagan
Chief IT and Software Development Officer
Protein Forest, Inc.

“Tammy’s skills as a technical writer made her an integral part of our project team. Her knowledge and expertise gave the team feedback on the whole picture of a user perspective, allowing users to fully experience the usability and functionality of our software.”
Catherine Fierberg, Research Manager
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.

“Tammy has a complete understanding as to how technical writing should be done. I have over 20 years in various high tech industries, and Tammy is, in my opinion, the best in her field. Her attention to detail is always evident in the quality of the end product.”
Jon Shanks, SCM Manager
Fiserv, Inc.

“Tammy is a complete technical writer- – she can document APIs and designs and write end user and support center guides. With her strong work ethic and organizational skills the documentation is produced on time and well integrated with the project.”
Scott Stodghill, Consultant
XCelsior, Inc.

“Having to put documents together to support my software was always a chore with any other tech writer. I would have to explain my interfaces, and practically write the documents myself. However, working with Tammy, I simply gave her the code, and she was able to take it from there.”
Mark Freiheit, Consultant
Foundation Software Systems, Inc.

“Tammy has the ability to take my notes and ramblings and create an understandable document. What makes her unique is this is done with one meeting and a single review. Her understanding of ‘developer speak’ is what makes this possible.”
Arthur Fitt, Lead Software Architect
NetRegulus, Inc. and Fiserv Inc.

“The WI KMA recently spent thousands of dollars purchasing new JDSU meters and Randy Dart arranged vendor training from JDSU. Bruce Hummel and I discussed the new curriculum, and he declined the vendor training and went with our new course. The feedback that we received – that the class was very informative, that it went through all options of the meter, that it was good hands-on experience, and that it was one of the best meter classes to date – says it all. Big kudos to Tammy for working so diligently on this project! It is a great class: with the correct mix of theory and hands-on, it is truly one of the most beneficial offerings for our technicians.”
Mark Goulart
Technical Safety and Training Manager
West Operation Group
Charter Communications, Inc.


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